Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Skull Kid and Kelolon

Skull Kid and Kelolon

We all know the Skull Kid from the Zelda series. He is that forest kid who was once human. But it seems that this has inspired other games too, like Lost Odssey and Blue Dragon.

  Skull Kid is a human that entered the (contaminated) Lost Woods and swallowed a lot of X-rays so he mutated into many life forms, the last one being a Skull Kid. It is even mentioned in the manga. Skull Kid will always be a child. But one thing always disturbs him. No face?! Why? He was the first, but now is not the only one. In Blue Dragon (Xbox 360 exclusive) A kelolon is a status aliment (like a bad thing) that transforms anybody into a “kelolon” see for yourself:

As you can see, mask-less Skull Kid and a Kelolon are relatives. They both have a dark face with glowing eyes, a hat that covers a lot of the head, the forest vibe (notice the leaf on the Kelolon’s head). No, the Kelolon is not a Pikmin.

  I first encountered it as a magical monster turning Kluke into this, and I was overjoyed with the weird look that I didn’t use Kelolon Powder to heal her. She is my favorite unit (not anime character) in combat. I kept healing her until the end of battle. Skull Kid’s “beak” only appeared in Majora’s Mask, and was absent even in Twilight Princess. In Ocarina of Time, the three skull kids seen are presumably one, right? Well this means that Skull Kid can play almost all blowing instruments, as the duo use a recorder, meanwhile he sometimes plays the flute, and he likes the ocarina, playing the trumpet too.

What has Skull Kid’s background got to do with a Kelolon? Well, in his Twilight Princess getup, Skull Kid looks even more like a Kelolon. It is quite obvious that Skull Kid quickly became popular in the developers’ minds. Will this mean that Skull Kid might be wanted in the next Zelda game, considering that the Wii U is an HD console and Xbox 360 is a current-gen HD console? People think not because the last game that skull kid appeared in is a Gamecube game, although it was also re-released on the Wii. I don’t think the Wii U would miss out on Skull Kid. The Kelolon could be a good idea to prove to Nintendo that Skull kid is wanted to appear. He is needed not to miss out on any home console ever since his first appearance.

  Once again Zelda continues to prove itself a very original and inspirational game, but will this be evidence that Skull Kid should appear on every home console of the generations to come?

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