Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2nd Adventure Map DOWNLOAD NOW

Secound Adventure Map Download Now
As you can see here:
spawn point

Player 1's farm plot

 P1's House

 House from the interior

 The beacon is at the very side

 Part of the village

 There are many villagers to trade with

 Scoreboard for Co-op

P2's House. Bigger farm plot, cleaner,bigger animal barn and coop, and start with adult animals

P2's Interior

Both houses are exact replicas

 Each house has a "memo" which has part of the story
The secound adventure map is now avaliable! This one features a more gloomy atmosphere. It was intended to be a replica of Friends Of Mineral Town but It turned out nothing like it. It has a story and Co-op Mode (yes it supports player 2) It has a lot of features that I didn't screenshot to keep it for you as a surprise. Also, I am using another computer that for some reason has a few problems in the texture pack. It also is a little slow in minecraft, last time I checked, one of the cows died due to being stuck in the wall. It really wasnt stuck, though, but this was after I uploaded the adventure map to the internet by a few minutes.
P1 has baby animals, a very messy and small plot, less water around the farmland, and no light. P2 has adult animals, an extra chicken, bigger, cleaner plot, more water, and light. This is to compensate P2 of being very far away from the village. Handicapping P2 gives and even better challenge to you, the host. The village is full of people to trade and iron golems (that i didn't spawn) to protect from people loss. One thing i forgot to add was Coal. You should strive in this adventure map and experience hard conditions. I added many branches of "Good Deals Store" which is an attempt to find the best trading deals with villagers. These deals do not repeat. But there are better deals in the fish market and the general store. I just added this feature for P2 for quick shopping. At the end of every minecraft week, you should evaluate which has the most emeralds or whatever. Be honest, it is only between you and your friend. Have fun! Here is the download link. Remember that the villagers is the only way to sell your goods and buy more stuff for you. Like food. or for your puppy too. There is a diamond pickaxe somewhere....

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