Thursday, October 25, 2012

Texture pack update! DOWNLOAD NOW

Yes, the new texture pack is here
Supporting most blocks, having some tools done, the new texture pack is here! Ofcourse with the so many updates I can't catch up and finish the texture pack at all. But here is the last changes so far:
 so cute pumkins!

from left to right: dispenser, obsidian, netherrack, nether fence, soul sand

milk looks like the gallon milk bucket (closer image soon)

glowstone from far away really looks like a ship's searchlight.

 door inspired by twin village (a tale of two towns) with a curtain under the windows.

glowstone meant to look like ship searchlights.


Netherrack looks weird at the moment. It will change soon (it was intended to be a "fire sponge") Soul sand look like dead farmland or a path. Redstone troches, Repeaters, all the rails, trapdoors, levers etc have all been done (but it takes a lot to upload images) and it doesnt matter in harvest moon. Download Boy version here and Girl version here.
Now i will temporarily retire from this to make a new adventure map. ;)

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