Sunday, October 21, 2012

Texture pack DOWNLOAD NOW

Harvest moon-craft texture pack download link
Finally you can download the texture pack ready. But before that please take a look at the few improvements made in the texture pack so far. Not all the blocks are covered and I am still continuing in progressing through the pack. NEW ORES!

Also, ice problems and most problems are fixed. As you notice, the grass now has a rich colour other than the blanket-like colour it used to have. All four wood types have new texture now (as if it matters in the harvest moon game, but it does in minecraft to create an atmosphere of cuteness) all the wool is given a solid colour so that it looks really good when you make it a carpet or a wall because you will have a smooth looking beautiful room. The exception is yellow wool, striped in a way to implay a stack of hay, giving realism that the animals eat. Sand is more pale to imply that it has low density and it is more shiny in the sun. Sandstone looks okay, but not as good as decorative sandstone and the smoothe sandstone. Smooth sandstone are really nice building blocks. The new ores are supposed to look like this photo of Islands of Happiness' ores (see above). The ores were suggested by Youtuber linky624. The high quality DS screenshot is made by
Now you have the choice of which texture pack you want. The boy version, and the girl version. They are exactly the same except for the texture of steve is either Mark or Chelsea. The cow is the creamy white one with the black spots in the pattern of the original cow as you see above. If you like this and want to enjoy the farm too, here is the adventure map for it.
If you can't find the farm here is minecraft updater for you to be Mark or Chelsea.
Soon all the cows will be added. Thank you for downloading this.
You can install a texture pack by opening minecraft, then click on texture pack, open texture pack folder, then extract the zip and put the "minecraft" folder in it. You can add the adventure map by adding it to the saves folder of .minecraft inside Roaming inside "%appdata%". Minecraft updater works standalone. Don't use it to hack because it won't work anyway :P

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