Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bricks, slabs, tools

Almost done with all the blocks
Hopefully tomorow the new texture pack will be uploaded. Almost finished the blocks of the world. What is left is netherrack, soul sand, pistons, mushrooms, and doors. Also, the tools have almost been finished. This raises question to: Where is the shovel in harvest moon? I never saw a shovel in a harvest moon game (I don't have a PS2) anyway here are the pictures:
 pickaxe became hammers

weeds at the beginning of your farm plot

 all the tools will be oriented as harvest moon Friends Of Mineral Town (GBA)

 fixed carrot on a stick

Stone bricks, slabs, and the cortex of the wood is done

 Clay bricks and nether bricks of the ruins are done (not much difference though)
 The confusing thing is mossy cobblestone. Hopefully tomorow even the new 1.4.2 will be supported, as well as an adventure map update. Can't wait to add the "Hardcore Harvest Moon" version, but I have to be done first. Thanks everybody for pointing out what needs to change and update.

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