Monday, July 1, 2013

Sorry for not updating

Sorry For Not Updating
In a critical summer, I missed out on E3, and many other good scoops I would've loved to post. For that I am sorry and thank you for your co-operation on this website. I do not have a good internet connection, so I am unable to add pictures to this article.
  So, to make up for all the time lost, I will post on many random things.
  First is the rumours about the new Galaxy Note 3 and the whole flexible screen thing. The rumours are assuming that jumping towards flexible screen is the most favourable thing for the coming generations and stuff. I think, "sure, it may be for TV screens, but why smartphones". It may come down to the fact that TV is more an investment to the future than smartphones these days. remember the rumour back since before the S4 that the Galaxy S3 will have a flexible screen? The reason was because people thought that the time taken between the S2 and the S3 is quite longer than the Samsung usual. But now Samsung, and even recently, Microsoft, is taking it all into the quick updates thing, which is a strategy with a lot of flaws. They think of the gain is that the software and build can be optimized, but they turned their backs on how much they can improve their hardware if they experiment on it, without releasing their older prototypes like that. It is obvious that there are too many half-cooked devices in the market, iPhone topping it all off with its uselessly two-step-back hardware, with only the software - and build of some of their devices - increasing the value for money. If you look at how LG has surprised everyone with its glossy new flexible OLEDs, I think we need new hardware to explore the software. Windows 8.0 looks good for smartphones and phablets, as well as the newly anticipated Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie, which will remove the fragmentation also needs a device to push it to its limits. The key thing about the market pie is having lime flavor (bad pun, just go with it).
I have more to say, but I don't have much internet. So quickly:
  • Yes, I am working on the texture pack, and no I cannot show you any screenshots because of the internet (if I had, this article would definitely show a picture of the flexible Samsung screen), soon the 1.6.1 version will be in my hands.
  • I noticed the poll results won to Oak colour. Hopefully I will add a little bit more detail, which will eventually evolve into two different texture packs. As I wanted to show you the Plank flooring in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Harvest Moon and Animal crossing are good to have texture packs on. Again, I wanted to add pictures and remove the poll at the sidebar, but that's it for now.
  • My game has hit a total of 18 downloads, which makes me happy. The version 2 of the game is actually an RPG, but I am getting requests to make another maze game rather than an RPG. I wouldn't make another maze game until I have removed all the mistakes I did in my previous version during testing the beta version of the RPG. So yes, a sequel maze game is coming with a continuation of the story, which will hopefully be a graver, deeper story. However it will take years, so don't expect anything soon.
  • Thank you all, and Play More Zelda!

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