Sunday, March 31, 2013

A gift from my brother

Today is a little off topic, but my brother got me two gifts, the first is a 3DS game etrian odessey 4, and a mushroom cherry sour. I am very happy that I decided to post this on the mobile version instead of glorifying the post on computer.
I will not post pictures of the box of the 3DS games because I usually add them to the shelf. Fire emblem awakening, which I love, I actually only saw the box art twice. Once when I was in the shop, and the latter when i was unboxing.
That is why the mushroom sweets are very cute because they add up to my Mario collection of geekery. I have almost every Mario limited edition thing, and Zelda too. I will not throw away this metal mushroom! He already got me the mushroom 3DS headphones when I just bought Ocarina Of Time 3D, and luckily they all match up with my 3DS colour.
Play more Zelda!

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