Saturday, March 23, 2013

Best of March 2013

Best Of March 2013
March officially marks the beginning of spring. That's especially the reason why we should buy more turnip seeds everyone! However the internet has only Minecraft seeds, or at least seed I know of. How about cookies, or fishermen? They are unlimited supply ( I myself used to go phishing) it's lots of fun to go and do your hobbies under the spring sun.
But this is the internet. A world where the sun never rises, never sets. A place created by binary logic and held in place by servers. Lets cut down the philosophy and get to the best websites I found when I was picking flowers yesterday!
Best Youtube User:
Though she hasn't uploaded much, she is a really nice person. I still do have complaints over her choice of games, but, the Sims aside, she knows a lot about glitches in games. She is a gamer who likes popular games (which I do not like, yes I can be anti-mainstream) and her video have good quality. You have to see the channel.
Best blog:
While s/he hasn't posted since a while, this blog has a lot of useful information. Useful for me, at least. The 3D game art posted helps me with my 3D modeling (I am a little bit of a novice) and this is a good place to see. My complaint still stand that I hate facebook-styled endless pages. I don't like endless pages!! But that aside, I enjoyed surfing this site. Moura is really good with 3D modeling and textures.
Best Flash Game:
An easy game with few penalties, this game from Miniclip is funny if you haven't tried it. Not very new but Next time it will definetly be something from Nitrom that is cool. By the way, have you tried Mutiny from Nitrom yet? It's old, but you must.
While not new, the servers came back, so I finally got to play this cute Korean game. If you want to try it, just remember that if you don't know what a "seal" is (like me) don't open those boxes in your inventory when the time comes, they took up too much of my inventory space. Why play this game, you ask? Well I watched Lucky Star and it's OVA, so this is it's closest relative and the voice of my character sounds like Kuroi sensei.
Best Android Game:
I like this game because I have an android and, like my beloved DS, has multiplayer. Some multiplayer android games are dumb, like board games or table hockey (I like table hockey) but with this game, something like a pokemon game on android may not seem far off. But that's not the only reason why I like this game. Why don't you check it out yourself and try it? It's amazing
Best ipad/iphone game:
A fine game. I was going to choose Bastion but this is the one that was more fun. If you are not familiar with this Ninja Kiwi series, just think of strategy defence games without blood. I normally hate monkeys but this is funny. If you are familiar with the series, the upgrades and ranks have all new abilities. Must not miss!
That's it for this time. I hope to see you next month when there will, hopefully be more smartphone news in stock. I am not very satisfied with the newly released Samsung Galaxy S4, to be honest, but you can check out the specifications here.
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