Friday, March 22, 2013

New Game

New Game
I made a game using game maker 8.1 lite. It is not fascinatingly good, but I wanted to share it anyway.
It is a maze game. So basically this game uses a few pre-made sprites and stuff but I made a lot more sprites. The beautiful sound effects from my first Zelda game is there.
The reason why I began developing in the first place is to try to make a game without using JavaScript and xml. This game took me two years to finish yet it is not as long as it should be.
I sware to God that it is possible to complete every single level. I am not one of those people who make impossible levels on purpose. I might even make a walkthrough to prove it.
The game is around 80+levels, plus some normal nonrelated maps that are not actually puzzles. There are four worlds in the game, which are:
1- Cave
2- Volcano
3- Cakeland ??
4- Sinister Laboratory
Be sure to try it yourself. Here is the download link.
Oh and the Bluecomet Team? That my team. I am the leader and you may also me Zola, as you saw on my previous post
Play More Zelda! and press F1 for credits.

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