Friday, March 1, 2013

Flesh, Zombie, Emerald Ore

Flesh, Zombie, Emerald Ore
Alright today I am back with a little lack of content over the last few days. Sorry about that. I was in complete shock that February is actually 28 days on normal occasions. I thought it was 29 ad 30 in leap years. That is why the February links was omitted because it was too late. Also I really didn't have time and in the near future I might not have any more time for the blog. I'll try as much as possible to keep things updated.
 So today, I started with a humanoid mob, the zombie. It is quite easy to model him because he is just like Steve. Let's get digging.
Remember when I said that I wanted the Zombie to be the travelling salesman in harvest moon 64 who tries to sell you a rip off by telling you about high grade chicken feed and soap etc.?
Well I think the fact that he pursues you in the beginning of the morning and keeps insisting that he sells you random fake stuff is proof enough he should be a zombie in Minecraft. Maybe the only real thing he might "sell" to you this time is rotten flesh, or should I say Dog Food.
In Minecraft you need meat products to replenish the health of your dog (his tail indicates his health). While you can use other meat I think it is wise to reserve rotten flesh for your pet. Your choice, but take a look at the new zombie:
 welcome home guest

 walking around, huh?

 oh so scary!

 your hats are pretty flat

oh you hate the sun?

 I still can't believe you want to kill me

 so this guy actually sells part of his own body?

yeah the new hair

a hoard of zombies aren't very terrifying anymore

 villager zombies and zombie pigmen were not changed

I don't know why I took this picture of the oh-so-famous zombie that is holding his "brother" or something

the oh-so-famous zombie looking to the side

a friend of the famous zombie. You get the idea

There was just a few modifications in the pictures because I changed the hat and hair a little bit. Moving on, a close up of the rotten flesh

And lastly I fixed a minor error in the emerald ore where part of the original texture of stone would somewhat appear on the ore:
Finally I would like to comment on some Harvest moon related changes in Minecraft, where the cows and sheep respond only to wheat, chickens respond to seeds, and pigs respond to carrots. It is a good and slightly bad change.
The good:
  • You can split the type of livestock you transport from place to another
  • Chicken care is now much simpler, just cut some tall grass and there you go, no need to plant and harvest
  • It helps to filter out the animals you put the fence around. Similar species go together.
  • In case you have cauldrons for realistic water for the animals, you can separate the chicken out so they don't stick in the cauldron while not taking away some of the cows and sheep
  • Realistic!!
The bad:
  • It may take a few trips while transporting your farm
  • Your can't travel around with the entire herd that you have at once.
  • There are a few bugs with the response of animals to the food. They suddenly forget that you are holding any food and move around normally. This especially happens when there is more than 4 animals dragging along.
  • You can't ride the pig, control him, while moving the other animals.
Personally I think the advantages are more important. I like this change except that the terrible bug that I have. Mojang, please fix it. Until next time, Play More Zelda!

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