Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Minecraft Update

Minecraft Update
The pre-release of 1.5 is available for download, and that puts my texture pack way back. as you can see in the change log, every item and block is now in a separate picture file.
 This means that there needs to be more work done, and more work takes more time! I am not complaining, because the good thing is that once I am done with putting my old texture pack like this, changing any block or item would be easier because I don't have to worry about crossing the border of another item. Although I will kind of miss the old way of making a texture pack, because then I have to edit block by block or else the picture-editing program will crash if I overload it with too many blocks at once. but it sure is good that things are more organized.
For some reason I cannot open minecraft with the pre release. I can edit the texture, of course, but it will take longer than usual. The only way I install updates is wait after it signs me in and then it updates, which only happens in official releases, not snapshots or pre-releases.
Oh well, nothing much to say today, I wanted to write a review of Fire Emblem: Awakening, but it seems too addicting to put down. That's why there is nothing much to include here. Play More Zelda!

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