Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Harvest Moon Minecraft Skin

Minecraft Harvest Moon Skin And Texture Pack
I was making a minecraft texture pack about harvest moon. I am not finished but i was planning to make:
  • Multiple human skins
  • Mostly all mob skins (cat is hard)
  • all blocks in the world and most inventory icons
  • moon (it is harvest moon duh)
  • map that has a house (like the GBA version) a dog, and a farm plot (and probably a village but that is in another update)
  • Multiple versions
  • Seeds
  • Choices of pet colours (not in-game)
  • and more!
Now there is mods that do help Harvest Moon invade the minecraft world. But they are in 1.2.5 Such examples:
  • Farmcraft
  • Chefcraft
  • Seasoncraft
In that case the texture pack currently works for all three versions.
So far I was able to make a few mob skins. Currently the Humans are like those of Island Of Happiness, namely Mark and Chelsea:
So the girl and the boy look a little cartoonish and follow closely this image. It does look weird that a boy has green eyes and the glove is suspicious (it looks like it has blood on it, murderer-ish) Oh and I forgot the backpack on purpose. It is going to be an option wether you want the rucksac on your character or not (it does look ugly, after all). But that is not until another day. i did slight improvements to the girl version, just in case you like the older version (not on this website). Anyway, let the pictures show you instead:

There are going to be more stuff coming up (especially that making N64/psp guy is easy as cake) Anyway I love the girl's blue eyes. But according to people (i know in real life) boys prefer Mark's skin to be dirty like steve. Well I am going to make that in the N64 version and he is not going to smile (unfortunetly) but if it is to give you a lot of options, then yeah. There is a lot of cute girls in harvest moon i don't know if i can cover them all, but i will try as much as there are pokemon in this world (lol not really)
Next on the menu is, animals and pets. Since minecraft doesnt have that much crops, at least i can elaborate on your livestock. Remember that the MC world i will make will obviously have a stable and barn (and i am thinking of an upgrade system, but that is far off) but i made horses (don't freak out, there is no mods, so you can't control them, unless with a carrot on a stick in 1.3.2 and the upcoming 1.4) and livestock is too adorable to kill and eat. That is why my MC world is designed to make you vegeterian (don't be vegeterian in real life though) with premade food for you and your puppy. Wild dogs are exactly like how they are in HM; killing your livestock and looking black and ugly, but not too dirty. I hate muddy fur. Okay more pictures:

Aww don't the sheep look always clean and brushed, and the cow is creamy just in case you wanted to change something in it. oh an never use paint, unless you want a giant moving white box. There is also a "spherical" version coming up, where the sheep have curly wool and the cow has circlish spots. This cow has no change in the pattern that Notch did, just the colours and no mud. There is a villager skin as an attempt to make typical harvest moon characters from all and any HM game, but it is terrible and looks like a kid drew it so don't expect it any soon and i suggest you try this link. I did not make it. Copyright to whomever has this artistic skill. Moving on, the puppy. You should start with your own puppy. Obviously it should look different than wild wolves. So here it is, two versions. I reccoummend the darker wolf, but it is your choice.

Sorry there are not more pictures of the brown dog, it is still beta i will have more options. The brown wolf has a golden collar-thingy (Yaay :D) and i know cats are cuter, but editing it is a little hard at the moment. More pictures of wolves are coming up pretty soon. The wolf egg and bones come in the chest, because apparently I seem to be the only one who suffers the freezing pet glitch. So hatch the egg at your own risk!

Okay now how to download and install

There is a mediafire link is on the side coloumn  of the web version.

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