Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Minecraft UGO Mod

Minecraft UGO mod
There is this person from japan who did a nice mod that adds sort of motion and mechanics into the still-ish, block-ish world of minecraft. The mod is called UGO craft. more like yugioh, no? It is a great mod an it changes a lot in minecraft. So literally you can make a secret room in your library and it opens awesomely and in an undetected way. It also helps you to use less blocks for a bigger change in space, compared to pistons that is. Surprisingly, everything is smooth and looks very good. Now the reason why i talk about it is this video where it is possible to make A MOVING CAR in minecraft. maybe a boat even or something. that is great. Even if you don't understand anything you might find a good place to download.
Yes also no update today about the texture pack. I don't want to give you an empty texture pack!! Besides, the blocks are going all weird. I accidently changed a wrong block and got mixed up. But it is not really that this project went too far to be famous. Thanks everyone who likes this at least the harvest moon is getting shape. Maybe even a storyline. But harvest moon has no storyline, does it?
If there was a baby egg mob mod then that would be perfectly like harvest moon because you usually start with baby animals. When I release an official version i will kill all the previous animals (sadness) then put only baby versions. unless you are too greedy and want milk, eggs, and wool immediately! hahahahahaha

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