Friday, September 21, 2012

Zelda Rumors: true or not?

Are the rumors true?

Recently a few Zelda rumors have been spread. “It will be a Majora’s Mask remake” or “It will be a link to the past sequel” Well which can be true, and which cannot?

  By using some logic and the process of elimination, the options are narrowed down to a Link to the Past sequel. The reason is because there was already an Ocarina of Time. Both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are made for the same console originally, the Nintendo 64. And for a big expert company like Nintendo, coding such emulation should take no more than 2 weeks. If they made a Nintendo 64 game, then they can make the other one without thinking or working on it. And if they say that Mr. Miyamoto is “working on a new Zelda game” which means it is an entirely new project. It’s so big that it has to be kept secret because it hasn’t finalized its shape or art style at all yet. I don’t think Nintendo wants a shock again like the show for 2000 about the Wind Waker.

  As for the marketing method, well there is no right or wrong way in business. It is not like 1+1=2 nor is it “if you add acid to a base you make salt and carbonates fizz etc” Every decision has odds and evens. People suggest it being a Majora’s Mask remake with a special 3DS XL. That would make sense but what is taking them so long? It would be a great bundle and make the 3DS XL look wonderful.

  But why not bring a new story on the table? Personally I am really excited if it is a new story. I don’t want to replay the same game over and over. I want a fresh idea, the graphics all new, the battle style all different, the plot all funny. Majora’s Mask is one creepy gloomy game. I sometimes feel that I am not playing a Zelda game at all. I want a new Zelda game because so far the 3ds didn’t have a proper Zelda game yet. It has Ocarina of time, Link’s Awakening, LoZ, which are all remakes: the same thing. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit tracks were great games on the DS, considering them being sequels, they did great as proper titles. 

Whether sequel or not, as long as the new game is not a Majora’s mask remake then it has potential to be the best game on the console. I really hope Nintendo makes a new Zelda game on the 3DS.

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