Friday, August 31, 2012

FinalFantasy XIII-2

I know it is odd to talk about it, considering that the 25th anniversay is coming out. But why not? It is the latest installment of the Final Fantasy series, and it is related to Final Fantasy 7 in some way. The music is epic. The battle style is addictive. I didnt post lately because i couldn't put down the controller. And the efficient style of battle strategy is great! The graphics are something all right! But lets go with this one by one, although this is not a review of sorts.

  I mainly wanted to talk about making the battle strategies. What were they called again? Paradigm. Because of the Active Time Battle, ATB, the game makes you quickly tensed like final fantasy 7. The better things, like kingdom hearts, potions heal all. I am not a huge fan of final fantasy so i always like it when they make new features. You get fully healed once you leave battle. also the way you enter battle is fun. It makes you go out and hunt for more. SO, what has this got to do with "paradigm"? You can choose which character is offensive, deffensive, or magician, etc. and you can choose how to target enemies. Even better: you can choose your default so your battle begins with it and easily change it anytime (eg when your HP gets low, or when you are down to more immune enemies) in the middle of battle. This is the best FInal Fantasy combat system, because unlike final fantasy 7 you never feel there is a sudden random pause between your attack and the enemy's attack, because you can quickly assign your own abilities and execute them with X before you ATB guage fills up to the max if you can't wait. The remainder of the guage is not lost, too.

  For example, I prefer to start with locking down on one single target at the beginning, then switching to wide-ranged magic, then if it get this long and there are sill more than one enemy on he field I switch to one warrior, one magician. etc. You canmake the best possibilities you prefer! Isn't that great?

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