Saturday, November 8, 2014

Zelda Month: Let the Selfies Begin

Zelda Month: Let the Selfies Begin

  Since it is Zelda month, as inspired by PBG, it seems logical that I write an article about Zelda, considering that I didn't write any article since a very long time. For that I apologize, but I have another alternative. My youtube channel is becoming populated with more videos, so you might want to check it out for my fail at gameplay. If I ever start doing a Zelda Let's Play, I'll mention it here too.

  That aside, instead of leaving this post empty I got a fantastic idea to make a competition between Zelda fans on Twitter using the hashtag #windwakerselfie. Post the funniest selfie you got and the one with the most retweets wins! isn't that a cool idea? I might even post all the entries on my blog at the end of the month, and the winner gets.. well honor and glory, my friend, honor and glory.

   Also, I am planning to make a Majora's Mask gameplay series this month considering that the 3D remake is confirmed, but just when I  figure out how to capture the full screen of it... Also, the Wii is not with me right now so I cannot record the awesome Skyward Sword for now.

   But please check out my youtube channel! It's a gaming channel that took away most of my time that I used to post on this blog, but in no way am I planning to forget my blog! You are my real audience, my real viewers, and the youtube was just because of lack of time, that I need to game and post on the internet, so I thought, why not both? However, when I get a good time to write (I am actually hesitant to show you a really good idea that is unrelated to technology aka the theme of the blog) I will! Thank you all for supporting me this far.

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