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Tokyo Goul No Spoiler Review

Tokyo Ghoul No-spoilers Review

   As this is literally the first anime I watch episode by episode instead of wait for the episodes to accumulate and watch when the last episode airs, you can tell that it is no ordinary anime. In this review, I will try to be as brief as possible, with no spoilers.

   If you have heard about Tokyo Ghoul, then you have obviously heard the impatient fans urging anyone to read the manga and forget the anime. There are other fans, including me, who would suggest that you don’t watch the anime until the uncensored version is released on the internet, because the version right now is the TV-approved version. However, the rising DDoS attacks should be enough reason for you to disregard this message and watch right now.

   A problem with trying to describe an anime like this without spoilers, is that it is slightly unique in the way the story is portrayed.

   Synopsis: With enemies of humanity against every corner, the battle between the hunter and the hunted intensifies as more factions crop up, all with the desire to gain control over humanity. But the hunters have yet to realize the biggest threat to their own survival.

   The story itself is not extremely different from some [insert cannibalistic humanoid here] ideology that you have read before, but actually, it is quite different in the way it is portrayed. Extremely. At the beginning you will not think it is your typical cannibal clan plot, and the “typical” plot points that are portrayed are actually putting you on other people’s point of view. You won’t sympathize with the enemy, you will be the enemy and feel the pain of being the hunter too.

    They really put a lot of 3D sound into it. I’d give that more than the animation because sometimes they censor almost everything on the screen. 10 /10 for sounds. The music tracks were ok, there was one track that was distinctive, the opening is quite cool, and the instruments used were fine. I’d give music an 8/10.

   The animation gets 4/10 comparatively and artstyle gets a good 7/10. Although the animation isn’t repetitive or failing in any way, it doesn’t compare to the innovative styles used in the production of Tokyo Ghoul itself. This is bound to change when the uncensored version comes out, really.

     The plot gets a good 9/10 for having factions that aren’t too cultist, but there really should have been the main focus of the story. I’d prefer the story on a bigger rather than on a personal level, even though it was portrayed perfectly from one faction’s perspective.

   That said, the overall score has to lose because of the sadly inappropriate and random “fanservice” that makes it appeal to a “male” demographic (seriously who even likes distractions from the plot anyway) that the world of anime in general would do without. Overall 7/10 for censorship and fanservice.

    If you are looking for something similar, there is Kiseijuu that is currently airing, and hey, it has dubstep at the core of the best scenes, but it has even more “fanservice” so watch at your own risk. Although it isn’t as dark as Tokyo Ghoul, but it sure is kissing up to it so bad that it’s worth the watch!

  Tokyo Ghoul made me start watching anime again after I gave up on anime entirely. I do not know about you, but that means something. I watched Shiki entirely because I couldn’t wait between each episode and another. If Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan shape a new genre, then it’ll be the rules of that genre that are shaped in Tokyo Ghoul.

    My complaints on that imperfect genre is to stop talking to only one gender and stop the useless fanservice. Protagonists should be women, romance doesn’t need to exist, and censorship for violent scenes should stop existing too because “fanservice” brings the rating up to M+ anyway, so why censor blood?????? #logic

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