Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to sync Outlook Calendar to Google

How to sync Outlook Calendar to Google

This is an extremely frustrating idea that updates take humanity a few steps backwards by stopping the different services from talking to each other. Flash isn't supported for Android 4.0+ anymore, and now Google calendar refuses to sync with Google Calendar app on Android? What is this?

  Luckily for you, I am here to tell you how to fix that, and also mention a few useful quirks for Google Calendar App in case you have too many "calendars" loaded at the same time (you'll see why soon). I used a Samsung device for this, and it does not screenshot. Without further ado, let's dive in.

  So you probably used the app for your mail, right? In this tutorial, it is completely useless. It's sync calendar doesn't work. But you can keep it. I know I am.

 Well first step is to install the Google Calendar App. Don't open it.

exactly the Samsung one. from

  Next you need to go to the stock android app called "email" that looks like the stock SMS app too (depends on manufacturer) for comparison purposes, this app looks like this and is definitely pre-installed.
no sync for you, bad app

  Now if you still want to use for email, make sure you uncheck email sync from the next step.

  Open the stock email app, click the menu button, add exchange activesync account, go through the steps, make sure sync calendar is checked. After you are done with the process, go to settings, account settings, sync settings,  go to sync schedule and set it to five minutes.

  Close the email app, then open Google Calendar app, and it should be synced. If you have a problem you can again add the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account but that's just repeating yourself.

    Now to the important thing: Calendars to display. On your Calendar app, click the menu button and then on calendars to display.


   If you are using as well, you will find two of the same email: the one with many different calendars (such as "birthday calendar" and "USA holiday calendar") is your working calendar, and the other one is from Make sure you uncheck that one, and then toggle the check of the working one. The calendar should be synced.

   Now that you are synced, go to the email app, and in the sync schedule settings and set it to push, because now you are good to go.

   If you have any issues, make sure that you toggle the email app settings before the Google Calendar's sync. There is a manual sync button at the email app. Try the email app first before you try the Google Calendar.


    I hope this has solved the issue, and I find it really frustrating, as exporting and importing calendar to my Google account instead made me lose a lot of data, and I only needed to view it in the app rather than have it on my Google account.

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