Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hylian T-Posts.~Animal Crossing

Here is what we call, Hylian T-Posts. Which is like a Short post, since we don't get to post alot on the Blog (especially me).
Its going to be twice a week, but that does not cancel any other posts!
So this post is about,
Animal Crossing
In this post, i will talk about all Animal Crossings!
I dont know why everyone forgot...but Animal Forest that came out to JPN Only before the N64 Was removed from stores, it was a N64 exclusive! Japan Exclusive! And....no one remembers it, it was suppose to be the first installment to the series, but now when you go on any wiki, it just tells you AC (GCN) Animal crossing wild world, and animal crossing City folk! Strange huh? Thats because, they improved it and they ported it to the Gamecube and to all regions. Smart huh? ;)
~ About AC(GCN)
There was alot of stuff that needed to be put in Animal crossing GCN, so they were suppose to do another game called, Animal Crossing 2.
The game was only announced for Gamecube, but nothing else was announced, no pictures and nothing. They say that, ACWW & ACCF Are suppose to be instead of AC2. Pretty strange huh?

~About ACNL
This game was first announced in 2010's E3, then later was shown in Tokyo game show of 2011. In 2011's E3, it was announced for Japan later that year (2011) as Animal Crossing Jump Out! (ACJO).
Then nintendo pushed the release date later to 2012. 
Later on, In october 2012, they announced it for US EU & AU. Then later in 2012 after its release..sometime i forgot xD. It was announced for early 2013, then it was announced for a holiday in 2013. And finally!!! JUNE 9 For US, JUNE 14 for EU JUNE 15 for AU. And it came out in Korea Feb 7th! 

Those are the most 2 interesting games that i see interesting to talk about. Especially the mystery part where always games announce and dissapear. And it becomes a legend >:)

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