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Nintendo Direct 5.17.2013 US & EU

Nintendo Direct Review US & EU

Is everyone excited like me????!!!! Even though this Nintendo direct didn't really show new games, but games we already saw, that's because, the new games are suppose to be until E3.
Lets get started! (first with the awesome news =D)

The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Ages And Season!
The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Ages And Season Comes To Nintendo Eshop in the US May 30th.
Each is $5.99, but because they love their Zelda fans :D, they will make, at a limited amount of time each will be $4.99, which then you can purchase both for less than $10. It will be on sale for three weeks after it launches. (3DS) (US)

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

The Game Setting is in sochi, Russia.It contains a lot of  sweet mini games like,
  • Curling
  • Skiing
  • Figure Skating Pairs
  • Snow Board Slope Style
The game launches in 2014, also you can play some mini games on the Wii U GamePad  and some with the Wii remote. Those are the mini games that are announced for now, but stay tuned for more news about the game at a later date! 

Sonic Lost World

Up until now, all we know is, Nintendo Partnered With SEGA To Make A Brand New Sonic Game For Wii U & Nintendo 3DS. Stay tuned for more news in the future. (US)

Game & Wario
The game launches in the US June 23rd on the Wii U Nintendo Eshop for $39.99 & for EU It Launches June 28th. The game has a lot of cool mini games (15 mini games) , but only 3 were confirmed which are listed below:

  • Island: You control Fronks, the game is up to five players, you apparently have your franks on an island, and when its a turn for someone, he/she tries to knock of your franks, by flicking his/her finger on the Wii U Gamepad the opposite direction of the TV So then when he/she Releases, It goes into the TV And tries to knock out one of your franks!

  • Patchwork: A puzzle game that challenges you as you try to put puzzle pieces onto each other, you use the Wii U Gamepad to move the puzzle pieces as you look at your TV screen on where you are putting it. You can challenge your friends if you do a hard puzzle you can challenge your friend on if he/she could do it! Mind Blowing >:)

  • Kung-Fu!: In my opinion, I LOVE THIS MINI GAME! It is that you control Young Cricket (his name) Go through levels, The game goes like, he moves endlessly, but you have to help him dodge the obstacle that come toward him. Sounds easy huh? Well! You use the TV Screen To Look in front of him, BUT UH! WATCH OUT, you look at the GamePad to look for a Vertical view of what hes landing on! So be careful, it doesn't sound as easy as it looks

Wonderful 101
In my opinion, this game is just out of...never mind. This game launches in the US September 15th.
And for EU In August 23rd.

Pikmin 3
This game, is one of the coolest games that was announced  at Nintendo Direct. This game has a lot to explain. They even took the last 10 minutes on this game from the Nintendo Direct.Anyways enough blabbering  and get started!
First, three new characters, 
  • Alph
  • Brittany
  • Charlie
In planet Koppai, after they crashed, each of the characters find Pikmin, and make their way to the spaceship that they crashed in. You can play this game entirely on the Wii U Gamepad, or use the Wii remote and nunchuck and then  use the Wii U Gamepad As A Map. The Wii U Gamepad in the game is known as the Kopad. Also as there are different adventures, you can split up the characters to explore different areas, then grasp back to another player by sliding your finger over the map on the Wii U Gamepad. There is no time limit, but if there is not enough food for the players, they will return to their planet..or something. And you can only explore from Sunrise-Sunset. Which is pretty cool, as long as there is no time limit, that's amazing :D. The game launches in the US August 4th, and in EU July 26th

New Super Luigi U
This is a DLC For New Super Mario Brothers U. Launches in the US June 20 For $19.99 in the Nintendo Wii U Eshop. This game contains 82 updated courses. This DLC Contains a new playable character in multiplayer mode. As you saw, when you play in New Super Mario Brothers U, there is usually a character called Nabbit. Which sells items for Mario, but you have to chase him in levels? This Nabbit character will be a playable character in New Super Luigi U.
Although, Nabbit doesn't take items, but he also doesn't take damage from enemies! So you can use him if you want to get star coins that are hard to get...or go through Bowser and click the switch.. Yeah all sorta stuff ^-^ .
But because its the Year of Luigi, if you don't have New Super Mario Brothers U, you can purchase is as a stand alone in the US For $29.99 and it launches August 25th for US.
EU, The DLC Launches June 20th also, and the stand alone launches July 26th. Limited Time.

Resident Evil Revelations
This game originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2011-2012. Now this game launches on the Wii U BACK IN HD GRAPHICS WITH TOTALLY NEW CONTROL'S.
As you can play the game on the TV And use the Wii U Gamepad to switch items or unlocking a door, without interrupting the game screen on the TV! You can also play the entire game on the Wii U Gamepad in Off-TV Mode. Finally, you can play the game with the Wii U Classic Controller Pro. As it brings back the memories of the GameCube (to me). There is already a demo on the Nintendo Wii U Eshop. The game launches in the US May 21st. The game launches in the EU May 24th.

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