Saturday, August 25, 2012

The "link" between Yugioh and Zelda

Correlation between Zelda and Yugioh

  It is not uncommon to find a Zelda fan that likes Yugioh. But why especially yugioh? Why not bakuman, beblade or all these other things that 4kids grouped together? Well, we all realize that Japanese Yugioh is no way for kids, but does it resemble Zelda? Read on to find out!

 Actually, explaining all that is to Yugioh that relates to Zelda or vice versa would take forever, so I will be watching the anime and uncover it bit by bit. I bet those of you who enjoy yugioh as a change of pace from Zelda games find various differences than yugioh. But somehow the atmosphere sort of connects each other. There are a few monster cards that look like Link, while others that look like Octoroks and such. This may be a coincidence, but why should it be? After all, Zelda came before the Yugioh anime, so it does sort of make sense.

  Speaking of time order, there may be opposite occasions. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time was released in the year 1998, meanwhile the original yugioh manga was since 1996 until 2004, which proves that Anju is the one that is based on Anzu, not the opposite. Yugioh developers were the ones that made Anzu have short reddish hair and tall figure, not to mention that she is kind and helpful, yet kind of quiet. This especially matches her in Majora’s Mask, when she doesn’t talk too much about her troubles and in Ocarina Of Time when she helps the chickens she is allergic to.

  Do you also agree on the similarities? Or do you find it teasing? Either way, I hope you enjoyed.

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