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Top 3 Underrated Tech Gadgets of all Time

Top 3 Underrated Tech Gadgets of all Time

   Remember when, as a kid, you wanted to become a spy? When you hoarded a huge amount of sunglasses and walkie-talkie looking plastic objects? Those were the days, man.

   So now, when sending a file via Bluetooth no longer fascinates us, is there something out there to spark our excitement, as a tech geek and/or a child? I hope these three I found can fascinate you as I did.

 #1: Android phones with T9 keyboards

  Okay, so T9 keyboards are the best keyboard ever, and android is the best mobile software ever, so why not combine both and feel the shiny awesomeness? Samsung has already done that for you stuck-in-the-past ‘90s kids. Twice, actually. And nobody knows that! It’s like Samsung whispered it to China’s ears the second time and I have no idea what happened to the first. If you can get your hands on one, and you can speak Mandarin, then root that device to English already and duplicate it with your magic wand or something. How did you get it from the start unless you had a magic wand, right?

  On a side note, this probably isn’t the first android T9 phone of all time, just is for Samsung.

First, the SCH-W999 . The first T9 Samsung device that has entered the realm of internet and runs native android 2.3. If that’s not awesome, then I don’t know what is. Take a look.

from technave.

  The second one is the one released in 2013 which led to all the rumors about a Samsung Galaxy Folder (?) just because the phone can flip (??) seriously people, where are you all copy-pasting this from? Just because Samsung patented a dual-screen phone with mechanics doesn’t mean that China is their experimental grounds. China, home to more than 1 billion people, is a great market for large numbers and more accurate statistics, but more importantly, it’s a market! The customers are real people, not experimental bots, ok?

from Sammyhub.

   Pretty cool phone right? You can read more about it from here, since, this post isn’t about it entirely anyway.

#2: Audio jack adapters

  I don’t even know why in 2014 we still have 2.5mm audio jacks around. My Xbox controller has it, Nokia phones have it (well, not in all phones), and I have no idea who even has working 2.5mm headset that doesn’t buzz if it goes to a different manufacturer’s device, or one in a different year of production. 

  We just have to thank these little adapters for existing, because they can let us use our expensive apple headsets on a GPS lacking device, so the NSA couldn’t track us down, and also because it’s an extinct beauty. 

  Like the 2.5mm jacks, their adapters are obviously and eventually going for a really close death. But until then, they deserve a salute.

#3: Kreyos smartwatch

It looks geeky, it was there before the Sony Smartwatches AND it’s multiplatform. I would’ve bought it first except that the only way to get it was online. I seriously think it should be more popular than the qualcomm toq.

So what electronic device that you think is very useful or cool that wasn’t mentioned in this short list? Comment below what you feel.

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