Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Did you see My Facebook Page Yet?

   This is a little bit of a short post, because I'd like to draw attention to my new Facebook page. If you are on the web version of the blog, then you can probably see the like button at the side, right? Well, a huge percentage of my viewers use phones, and I respect all my viewers, but Blogger's design will not allow me to add a Facebook mobile Like button to its template so simply.

   The Facebook Page is and has more frequent posts than the blog because I do not need to follow any format or add "quality" content (a long revised article takes time), and with Facebook I have more room for picture posts and flexibility in posting my opinion on things unrelated to the blog's theme. While that may seem successful, it is my first time talking to my blog's audience on a social network, so I'd like your co-operation in gaining the first wave of Likes. I see a lot of G+ likers in many of my posts, and that makes me happy too.

   A Twitter profile is up too, which is @BlogHylianGamer , which will have like campaigns and new blog post feed. I'd appreciate any follower (Twitter sounds like a religion with bird gods) but I am not really too comfortable with Twitter's 140 character "essays". After all, I started a blog because I am a talkative person with a sore voice, so I had to write it down somewhere, and here we are now!

   That was a joke. I don't have a sore voice. And I probably didn't start a blog because I'm talkative, although I do not recall a time when I was being silent except while sleeping.

   I wish I could write a success story and a brief How To Blog series, but I am only one step away from success, and that is writing about it. Not really if that would fit the theme, but it's almost time for the blog to grow and metamorphose, hopefully. That's why I started entering the social media world: not to reach a bigger audience, but to have more podiums to speak through.

   Anyway that's all for now, as this is a pretty rushed post. If there's anything else I may add it's that Shiki is not a gore anime, but it can draw you into it even though it's very boring. And the ending is disappointing if you are on the village's side. No spoilers here. For more anime related posts, check the anime label, and the previous post, which is about Attack on Titan. is a great place to track your progress, in case you lose history, and find similar anime to your likes. Play More Zelda!

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